The Company

Meet the Team – Portland Playback Theater is an ensemble company made up of professional actors, dancers, musicians, writers, group facilitators, business consultants and therapists. Each ensemble member brings a unique set of talents and each is committed to offering creative approaches to exploring issues and building community.

Jackie Paris

Playback Theater PDX was started by Jackie Paris who trained with Jonathan Fox, the creator of the Playback form, and Armand Volkas, Director of the Living Arts Counseling Center in CA. Jackie has been involved with Playback for the past 23 years, and currently works as a Drama Therapist.  She has been a professional actress since the age of 20,  and has generated many original socio-political theater performances – her passion is bringing change to the planet by making it a better place through dramatic and creative endeavors! 

Kevin Ferguson
Kevin Ferguson is an Emmy Award winning musician/scientist/engineer/inventor with dozens of patents, dozens pending and 8 albums including best sellers on He is currently the music director of Playback Theater and also performs regularly in several world music groups (see He recently created, with ongoing research towards mitigating hunger, leading health issues and worldwide competition for resources.

Composer, performing musician, dancer and painter, Babacar Ndiaye is always creating. Musically, he’s been working on a new style creating Afro-beat since 2012 in Senegal. Babacar has also been a professional dancer since 2006, attending international festivals and choreographing interpretive dance, and touring with various companies as a professional dancer. He created his own dance company in Senegal called The Dance Ultimate. The groups—including his students—performed all over Senegal for various events and using different kinds of music.

Marisol Cordero-Goodman
Marisol Cordero-Goodman first developed an affinity for Playback as a member of Pulse Playback Theater (2008-2010) and a member of Portland Playback Theater (2010-present) and she has been in love with it ever since.  For her, Playback is a way to celebrate stories by bringing to life cherished memories through deep and creative witnessing.  When she is not teaching yoga, dancing or volunteering with White Bird Clinic, she spends her time as an attorney specializing in creating and implementing a legacy of care through estate planning, providing legal counsel in times of transition for her estate administration clients and setting a foundation for creativity to flourish through corporate formation documents.

Sara McWilliams
Sara discovered Playback Theater in 2008? 2009? and has been at it ever since. Roles so far include human, therapist, friend, trekkie, partner, artist, & dog parent.
Shane Lei
Shane Lei (they/he)
Shane began their Playback journey in 2010, and are honored to witness the joy, vulnerability, honesty, and authenticity within each teller’s story. His work in Playback is informed by a rich background in a variety of dance, theater, literature, storytelling, and somatic modalities. He believes we each carry stories deserving of time and space to be spoken and lovingly held and received in community. When not playing and performing with Playback, they enjoy growing a greener thumb, sampling as many teas as possible, cooking with their partner, and exploring the natural world through movement and photography.
Sabi is overjoyed to be a newcomer to Playback Theater. Born in Paraguay, raised on the east coast between New York and Florida, Sabi has been involved in the performing arts for as long as they can remember. Sabi studied Musical Theater, Performance Art, and Cosmetology in Cocoa FL, where they graduated with honors in 2008. Moving to Portland in 2015, they continue to better their community by improving the self-image of others. They find theater to be a mirror to the human condition and believe that through it we can all find connection within our collective experience. “Being a human is tough,” they say, “if by living through our art we can help one another, why shouldn’t we celebrate it?” Sabi would like to thank their family and community for affording them this tremendous life experience.

Seven Root
Intuitive movement as a healing practice has been with me since my youngest days. Early in life I trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics, while continually falling in love with the trees, plants, and animals that occupied my backyard. Since then movement and the somatic experience have informed my learning and pushed my curiosity. Besides attending a handful of Playback Theater workshops, my further scope includes ecstatic dance organizer and facilitator, Theater of the Oppressed player, physical movement educator, and avant garde clown. I am influenced strongly by Dolores LaChapple, Carol Burnette, Gabrielle Roth, and Augusto Boal.  For me, Playback Theater is a wondrous meeting place of art, activism, and personal growth.

Amber Green

Amber Green
Amber Green (she/they) was born with stars in her eyes and is classically trained as a dancer, singer, and actor. They got their BA in Acting and Performance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA and has performed up and down the West Coast for 20+ years. Amber spent a decade in South Korea where they got to live out numerous dreams being the front person of several bands, the femme fatale lead of an indie movie, helped run an Expat theater group, do voice over work for animation and more, as well as teach drama and English to adorable Korean kiddos. Amber is grateful to return to and for her new life in Portland with its rich community as well as this opportunity to create something meaningful with this talented troupe.


Bui is excited to be part of Playback Theater. Bui is intense like the Bronx (his hometown), whimsical like Portland (his current city), and unexpected (like his future). He performs improv, standup, and storytelling around Portland and beyond. Other hobbies of his includes rock climbing, dancing with strangers, or poking his own belly button. 


Marci McReynolds
Marci McReynolds feels like she has “all her possums up one tree” with performing Playback; she is a team player, deep listener, and a wild and heart-felt improviser. Marci studied acting at Circle in the Square in NYC and at Virginia Commonwealth University. She taught acting and applied improvisation for over 30 years. Currently she manages a conflict resolution Center as a mediator. 

Ryan Bowen

Ryan Bowen
Ryan Bowen studied theater in Boston, piano and film in Portland, and has many years of training in martial arts and enjoys singing and playing guitar. He enjoys a good prank when he is not at work as president of Raindrop Roofing NW. The expression of each person’s truth is sacred and Ryan is both excited and grateful to be a mirror for that truth in Playback.