Corporate Trainings

We offer the following services:

Communication Training: 
Teaching how to create, shape, and deliver clear messages.

Cultivating Wildly Satisfied Customers:
Teaching the essential skills to provide excellent customer service experiences.

Team Building:
Building a cohesive, high performance team.

Customized trainings to meet your unique needs:
We’ll help you through such topics as downsizing, mergers, changes in management, and conflict resolution.


Taking basic skills in the theater arts and applying them to the workplace is a great way to have fun while highlighting the needs of the group through a series of exercises that focuses on communication, creative productivity, problem solving, and more. Our troupe offers personalized, effective, experiential and unforgettable trainings for your company. We are passionate about the work we do with your team and will bring experience and skillful facilitation.

Let us help you take your next training to the next level!

Check out this list of companies we’ve worked with:

Financial Beginnings
Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League
Portland Public Storage
Oregon Driver’s School of Education
Construction Specifications Institute NW Conference
Open Adoption and Family Services
Big Island Naturals
The Creative Arts Therapy Conference
The Mauni Loa Hotel
Portland Public Storage
Recycle Hawaii
Innsoft, Inc

“INNOVATIVE…Those who attended the Playback performance felt it was a refreshing alternative from the lecture type of training sessions. They left feeling entertained, yet empowered, and reinforced for the hard work that they do.”

Terri Lynn Lum, Family Developer of the Casey Family Program.

“WOW…That was the best team meeting we have ever had. I have to say that I was skeptical of the Playback group coming. I had never seen it and I did not know how it was going to fit in with continuing education. WOW, that was awesome. I do not think that I have ever seen our instructors so engaged. What impressed me the most was the knowledge about our company that they possessed. That just took it over the top and personalized it.”

Andrew Crites, Program and Marketing Director, Oregon Driver Education Center

“The power of improv as a training tool resides in it’s experiential nature or ability to connect people to their intuition, their bodies, their intellect and each other.”