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Healing Stages is essentially a community of playback and psychotherapy done in a public format. It is group psychotherapy integrating psychoanalytic, psychodramatic, drama therapy, and internal family systems approaches to therapy.


Playback is a form of theater, where personal stories shared by audience members are performed within a creative group process. Interventions are made as needed within this creative context.  Being witnessed is healing, and witnessing others’ process is healing, and the intention is to build community healing.

From Weddings to Corporate Meetings— We Got You Covered.




Hear how we make our guests smile…


“POWERFUL…It’s an indescribable feeling to share an event from your memory and watch it come to life right before your eyes. I have found it so satisfying and healing.”

– Atma Maris, audience member


“TRANSFORMATIVE…I highly recommend Playback Theater for their outstanding work and excellent sense of humor and drama. They are a fine group to bring art and understanding to critical issues that occur for schools and community groups. Their performances contributed a great deal to unifying students and faculty in creating a more positive campus.” - Margaret O’Brien, principal of Kau School.

– Margaret O’Brien, principal of Kau School.


"It's like nothing I've ever seen - part campfire stories, part drama, dance, metaphor, comedy, and improv, all mixed in with an exuberant sort of ecstatic informal community therapy!"

– Audience Member

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