Dare To Act

Dare to Act! is an anti-bullying program that gets students involved in exploring the topic of bullying and its impact on the school community. Dare to Act! empowers students to take a stand and stop bullying on their campus. This is an experiential workshop that utilities the theater arts as a means of problem resolution. Dare to Act! also works with school staff to help them explore effective means and techniques for nipping bullying in the bud. There’s no one right answer, no prescriptive antidote, therefore we create and facilitate a training that is individualized and pertinent to you.

Schools where we have had the honor of presenting antibullying theater: 

Serendipity Center
Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School
Portland Village School
Pahlavi High School
Alki Middle School
Trillium Charter School
Cedar Park Middle School

Data results gathered from Cedar Park Middle School :

* 100% of students would like their campus to be bully-free.

* 100% of students enjoyed the workshop.

* 95% of students and 88% of staff reported the Dare to Act! program was superior to other anti-bullying trainings they’ve seen before.



“It was actually really cool.  It was really good–it gave a lot of kids in our school awareness of what was going on.  People might not have realized that it’s not just an inevitable thing that happens–it actually exists and it actually matters, even if it doesn’t matter to you. Deva and I were crying because it was so sad to see how much pain these people have gone through and not always being there to help them.  

When the kids first went up there, they were talking and they were kind of okay, but then when they watched the actors portray them, they started crying, remembering their experiences, and watching themselves.  So it’s really sad and it brought an awareness of it.

Some of the things that kids were saying when they asked for suggestions were really excellent.  Ari had some amazing suggestions that were thoughtful.

And i think the teachers are more aware of that now as well.  It was really powerful.

And honestly i wish every school could have that because I think people don’t realize that bullying happens so much of the time.  And people might not even realize it’s bullying, but it is bullying. 

I like how they didn’t dumb it down, or make the situation seem like it was better than it is.  They showed the true thing and made it as accurate as possible, and showed what it actually feels like, and I’m sure people have even felt a lot worse than that.”

What did you think, Mom?

“I was really moved.  It was amazing to watch kids get up there and be so vulnerable; to speak their experiences in front of their whole 7th grade class. And then to watch the way your class handled it–how they stood up for the people, and were so supportive in their comments…

I was impressed with how the company walked the kids into it a little at a time, by telling a bit about themselves & their experiences, and got them comfortable with it. And with how the actors portrayed the kids’ feelings, really putting them out there to be seen, and made real.  I liked how they acted out the various solutions that kids suggested, again making it real and memorable.  It was very compelling.  

As Jackie said, this is to help you guys sort it through. It’s not, ‘Here’s our solution. Here’s our message. It’s–Here, let’s listen to each other and then see where you fall on this and how you feel about it.’ 

It felt very real, authentic. And is quite possibly the only assembly I’ve seen that got a spontaneous standing ovation from kids at the end.”

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