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Celebrating Our Shadows, Celebrating Our Light

Saturday, January 17th 2015

7:30pm | Adult Show (16 and up)

Shadow and light, love and hate, confidence and fear… we humans are complex beings with complex emotions.  We are full of contradictions and paradox, and surprisingly, it is this very thing that makes us whole.


Hipbone Studio
1847 E. Burnside, #104
Portland, OR 97214





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Playback Theater of Portland, OR is presenting an innovative, engaging, and highly effective program called Dare to Act! This program is designed for youth ages 6-16 to combat bullying and violence in all forms in their school and community. Click the button on the right to donate to the program today.

Curious about what a Playback Theater performance is like?

Check out this video from one of our recent performances

What is Playback, you ask?

Playback theater is an improvisational form of theater whereby audience members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot by actors and musicians. Playback is a vehicle not only of personal expression, but a way to create a future – It is powerful and creative, allowing diverse voices to be heard and respected. For more info, click here.

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